Our smile success stories

This place is the best! It’s like a big happy family into which you are instantly adopted the moment you step through the door. As an acupuncturist and holistic medicine practitioner, I am a discerning critic of most medical businesses — it takes a lot to win my trust. But I have complete faith that my daughter is in the best hands here. They won’t let me walk out the door until all of my questions are answered, and the expression on my face communicates 100% satisfaction. They have invested their time and energy into decades of research, education, and building relationships. They bridge distinct fields of science and medicine to create a complete and integrated picture of the human body rather than the common practice of treating the mouth as independent and separate from the rest of our anatomy. It is precisely this integrated technique that won me over. That and their Beatles obsession.
From seeing wonderful Orla at the front desk to all the amazing techs and tooth-moving guru Dr. Janet and world-renowned Dr. Boyd, this passionate, top-notch staff is the best family dentistry in Chicago with the most cutting-edge technology and progressive oral-care methods.
During a regularly scheduled cleaning, my teenage son learned he had a baby tooth that needed to be removed to make room for an adult tooth coming in. He returned with a smile and said, “Mom! I didn’t feel a thing — they took such good care of me!”
These guys are pros! They are great with kids, but that’s the easy part. They are excellent at identifying issues and developing a treatment plan that is more holistic than just Dr. Boyd himself. They are smart and innovative, and I am thrilled to have found them. They also do adult dentistry (different dentists), so I’m moving over too!
I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how wonderful Dr. Boyd, Dr. Pannaralla, and all their staff are. From the very beginning, they have made my kids and me feel comfortable there and made the appointments so fun that they actually look forward to visiting! Not only that, but Dr Boyd was able to create a plan for my son that successfully helped him come off his CPAP machine to sleep at night. We are so thankful to have been recommended to their office. We more than highly recommend them!
Obviously, Dr. Kevin specializes in pediatric dentistry, but I’ve occasionally contacted his practice as an adult for consultations. He always remembers me and gives me great advice. It’s not just Dr. Kevin; his team — front desk assistants, dental assistants, and fellow DDS partners — are outstanding. He really hires good people. I know my son is in great hands.
At 36 years old, I just brought my 13-month-old son for his first appointment with Dr. Kevin. It’s hard to believe because it doesn’t feel all that long ago that I started seeing Dr. Kevin myself at age 7 or so. (Honestly, he hasn’t aged a day—the math doesn’t even add up to me!) Dr. Kevin’s practice is truly the best. He cared for my younger sister and me through cleanings, braces, retainers, spacers, and more. He has a genial manner that puts kids at ease. He continues to be involved in academic research and is a leader in the field. His work focuses on the evolution of the human jaw and its effects on children’s breathing and sleep patterns. Ask him about it; hearing him talk about it is so interesting!
Dr. Boyd and the whole team are excellent in every aspect! Not only knowledgeable of the science behind the procedures and the overall growth process but also showing the human side of healthcare in every interaction. Over the past 7+ years, I have seen firsthand that they are patient and caring with everyone in their practice. We are very happy with the results and the guidance provided to help our children get first-class dental care starting from their early years.
Our dentist referred us to Dr. Boyd to evaluate our four-year-old’s malocclusion. The staff are fabulous and so welcoming — our child felt right at home, and Dr. Boyd was so wonderful. We gained so much insight from him — all that was going on with our kiddo helped piece together so much of the last four years! We’re grateful and excited to see the improvements and changes that will benefit our kid and their development. As a result of our positive experience, we’re now bringing our second child in. No place we’d rather go.
I cannot say enough about Dr Boyd and his staff! We visited one fall morning, and from start to finish, each member of his team took their time to make our four year old feel comfortable and a breeze to work with. Orla and Gigi were especially helpful! The knowledge of Dr Boyd and his passion for his work is unmeasurable. He is leading the way with airway orthodontics! We cannot thank everyone enough. It was definitely worth the trip from NY!
Dr. Boyd and his office staff are AMAZING! He is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about dental health and how it relates to overall health and truly cares about my children. He looks at each individual child and tailors the care to them. It is 100% worth the 3+ hour drive to see him and his wonderful staff!

Dr. Kevin Boyd, MS, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Prior to receiving his specialty license in pediatric dentistry from the University of Iowa, he earned an MSc degree from Michigan State University in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. His graduate research interests centered around the impact of commercially-processed foods on dental health and body weight. His Nutrition background has served as a great foundation for the specialty practice of Pediatric Dentistry given that many oral health problems are often associated with unhealthy eating; dental caries (cavities) and early periodontal (gum) inflammation (gingivitis) are two of the most common problems associated with unhealthy snacking behaviors.

Dr. Boyd has extensive training and clinical experience in performing risk assessment, diagnosing, and treating very young children who present with non-self-correcting malocclusions with possibly-associated sleep and breathing difficulties.   

He lectures worldwide on the topics of Early Childhood Malocclusion (under 72 months), pediatric sleep breathing hygiene, and the newly emerging healthcare discipline of Evolutionary Oral Medicine, also often called Darwinian Dentistry.  

He is married and has two adult daughters. When not working, he enjoys tennis, skiing and sailing.